Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5 : Malaysian Vloggers

hello guys
are you love Malaysian Vloggers 
well I have my top 5
5) MentolPecah 
this is my first video that I watched from MentolPecah
it's not vlog actually 
they're Malaysians
4) PolkadotDoughnut 
this is a spoof of Ray William Johnson's Equals 3
good video man
3) AmanWan 
this is a popular video from AmanWan
Aaron Aziz also watched this video
and Shamsul Yusof
(I don't know if I spell it wrong or right)
2) IniAnwarHadi
also a popular video
by IniAnwarHadi
and this is the first video
that I watched
from IniAnwarHadi
1) Matluthfi90
this is a "cerpin"
and this is a new video from Matluthfi90
very good
and peace


Ibrahim Ismail said...

Waalaikumsalam. Thanks bro for sharing. Was looking for an inspiration actually.

Ps. It's DO you love Malaysian Vloggers?

Apple Smith said...

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