Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5 : Malaysian Vloggers

hello guys
are you love Malaysian Vloggers 
well I have my top 5
5) MentolPecah 
this is my first video that I watched from MentolPecah
it's not vlog actually 
they're Malaysians
4) PolkadotDoughnut 
this is a spoof of Ray William Johnson's Equals 3
good video man
3) AmanWan 
this is a popular video from AmanWan
Aaron Aziz also watched this video
and Shamsul Yusof
(I don't know if I spell it wrong or right)
2) IniAnwarHadi
also a popular video
by IniAnwarHadi
and this is the first video
that I watched
from IniAnwarHadi
1) Matluthfi90
this is a "cerpin"
and this is a new video from Matluthfi90
very good
and peace